Targeted at libraries, colleges and universities that need to manage, control and automatically recover their printing costs. 

VendPrint Professional provides customers with a solution that enables them to monitor and automatically (through attendantless pay stations) charge for their patrons/students printing. 

VendPrint works in any environment including Windows, Novell, Unix and Linux. VendPrint intercepts the print jobs that are submitted by clients connected together through a LAN/WAN connection. Each user’s print job is spooled (spooling is inherent to all Windows, Mac and Unix clients, thus no client software is required) to a designated queue. Thereafter the user, by accessing a VendPrint Release Station, can select his/her job to be printed and indicate to which printer the job will be printed. VendPrint Professional will calculate the cost of the job, allowing payment to be automatically collected by a number of means without intervention by an attendant. Payment means can include but are not limited to debit cards, cash, smart cards, account billing against a prepaid running balance, and account billing by statements. As with all VendPrint products, a detailed log file is written reflecting all jobs that have been printed.

VendPrint Professional offers:

  • VendPrint is the most competitively priced and powerful print control solution available.
  • VendPrint supports LDAP and active directory to authenticate users or do account based billing.
  • VendPrint supports wireless printing.
  • VendPrint is highly scalable and can be customized to adapt to any unique installation requirements.
  • VendPrint does not require an expensive hardware investment or dedicated SQL server. 
  • VendPrint is very non-intrusive into a network. VendPrint requires no software be installed on either the client or server. Software must only reside on release station for print vending to function.
  • VendPrint supports all native print drivers. We do not alter, interfere with, modify, or require special print drivers. We support all PCL, PostScript, and ASCII printers.
  • VendPrint supports any computer platform capable of printing to Windows print queues including pc’s running all versions of Windows, Macintosh clients, Unix, Linux, IBM Midrange, and Mainframe computing.
  • VendPrint offers staff override stations with override functionality to assist users when necessary.
  • VendPrint has developed it’s own page count technology not relying on Window’s inaccurate page counts.
  • VendPrint provides discounting based on volume, duplex printing, and can provide discount pricing based on method of payment. For example, faculty could print free, students be charged $.10 per page and the public could be charged $.20 per page.
  • We support most all vending machine manufactures including ACDI, Blackboard, ITC, Jamex, XCP, and Danyl.
  • VendPrint release stations can revalue file based accounts as well as debit cards creating a self-service environment for users.
  • Optional client popup notification allows students to pay via quotas or file based accounts. Additionally students review the number of pages, rename print jobs for easy identification at the release station, and passwords can ensure security and the integrity of the print jobs at the release station.
  • All print activity is logged allowing for reports including released jobs, cancelled jobs, and unclaimed jobs that timed out at the release station.
  • All log files are written as ASCII comma delimited files allowing for unlimited reporting capabilities. Predesigned Access templates are provided for viewing.
  • VendPrint can provide automatic account charging based on student id as well as combining other vending methods. If a student’s balance is depleted they can have the option of paying with cash/coin.
  • All colors and text can be customized for both, popups and the release stations. Logos can be inserted as well.