Targeted at small to medium sized libraries and colleges that need to manage and control their printing costs as well as recover those costs, VendPrint Lite is a low cost entry-level product. 

VendPrint Lite provides customers with a solution that enables them to monitor and charge for their patrons/students printing. VendPrint Lite is a Windows based application that can be used to manage and control print queue(s) on a Windows 2000 (Pro or server), Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 based computer system. VendPrint works in any environment including Windows, Novell, Unix and Linux. Like VendPrint StandardVendPrint Lite intercepts the print jobs that are submitted by clients connected together through a LAN/WAN connection. Each user’s print job is spooled (spooling is inherent to all Windows, Mac and Unix clients, thus no client software is required) to a designated queue. Thereafter the staff member, by accessing a VendPrint Release Station, can select the job to be printed and indicate to which printer the job will be printed. VendPrint Lite will calculate the cost of the job, allowing payment to be collected by the staff member. The result is still significant savings and waste reduction, as well as total cost recovery. As with all VendPrint products, a detailed log file is written reflecting all jobs that have been printed.

With VendPrint Lite you can:

  • Notify users how many pages will be printed from the sending workstation, this is especially useful for Internet printing
  • Allow patrons to rename and/or password protect their print jobs for greater security and privacy
  • Automatically purge unclaimed print jobs from the VendPrint queue
  • Justify offering color printing for public use by assuring that it will not be abused and payment will be received for its’ use
  • Reduce you print volume by 40% or more by eliminating accidental and abusive printing
  • Automatically provide free printing when and where appropriate