Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give a certain number of free pages per print job?
Yes, we can configure the software to offer free pages per print job, per semester, etc.

Can we limit the size of print jobs?
Yes, we can define a page count to limit the number of pages that can be printed. These limits can be enforced on a printer by printer basis.

Can I allow free printing from certain web sites?
Yes, we can allow free printing from certain web sites, or even free printing to a specific printer

Can I debit user accounts from a central database?
Yes, even if users do not login we can identify them using our "Client Pop-up" and debit from their account.

What if a user is unhappy with the quality of the print or the printer jams?
We provide full system override capability that will allow staff to release print jobs for free if the user is unhappy with their job..

We are using the honor system, how would your product benefit us?
By intercepting the print job before it gets to the printer, our software is able to count the number of pages in the job prior to printing. This eliminates those unwanted fifty page printouts from the internet as well as eliminating double prints,etc.

We already have "smart cards" for our library/university, would our existing cards work with your software?
Yes! If we do not currently work with your card vendor it is a very easy process for us to become compatible with their card.

Will VendPrint work in my Novell Network?
Yes, VendPrint works in any environment including Windows, Novell, Unix and Linux.