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Print Management and Print Cost Recovery

VendPrint Professional
Provides flexible options to charge customers, students or patrons for their print activity.  We interface with most vending machine manufacturers and also offer account based billing options in many environments.
VendPrint Lite
Have a tight budget?  Try VendPrint Lite for smaller organizations and libraries.
K-12 VendPrint
K-12 VendPrint provides a variety of methods to control printing in K-12 environments.  From passively tracking print activity to allowing print quota’s for each student or faculty member, to requiring payment for each print job, we have a configuration option for you.  Please call to discuss your preferred method of print management.

PC Reservations and Scheduling

VendPrint Access Manager (VAM)
VAM is a workstation scheduling software solution that provides fair and equitable access to network pc’s while allowing librarians to focus their attention to more vital library matters.  VAM interfaces with most library automation vendors to provide flexible patron lockout options based on criteria of your choosing.

Wireless Web Printing

VendPrint Wireless Printing
Our Internet printing services enable you print documents from any Internet enabled computer or wireless device to virtually any printer in the world. The key to easy and secure Internet printing is the Printer Directory. The Directory allows printer owners to safely permit others to access their printers over the Internet for responsible, controlled and correct printing.